corporate life….

After college i came back to my home country with a lot of ambitions for my life. I soon realized that in this small country in Africa it is all about contacts. Getting an internship in a bank was quite hard but after one month,i got it and worked for one month in various department but it was done so because I had relative in that bank that they actually took, to teach me some skills. I applied for many job opportunity, the only one i got a reply was a UK based volunteering work. I did that for 2 months or so. Let me fast forward to the important life in another bank that i wont mention the name otherwise i’ll have to kill you all.
I got the job obviously because contacts. What were you thinking?i applied like anyone for the various position that were advertised in newspaper or on internet but my application was never been looked at. Thank God someone asked a job for me and i brought again the same application that will actually be read and considered. Went through an interview that went well.
It is only when i got the contract that i have seen that i work in a bank but with a very wrong entry job.
The contract had many close in it for instance before i even finish to read one of my colleagues asked if she can go out to say goodbye to the last job she was having. I will try to the best of my abilities to protect those involved. One employee said:” if you leave this room, we will call the next candidate on the list” then she sat again and was silent. I thought to my mind, am i the only one who find this contract ridiculous? Obviously the bank knew many people are unemployed,you don’t have expertise, there many like you out there.All of them signed it very happy of their new contract. I told to myself, let me sign and asked some people. One of them told me:” resign and i will pay that salary but tell them the reason of leaving”. later in the evening, he told me” let me talk to the person who helped us getting the job”
Unfortunately i stayed there for 2 months and i got an offer in another company i applied before getting to that bank. Fact:” sometime in your life you have to take the decision without listening to what we call wise people”
I was told, stay in the bank they are greater opportunities than any other company.
I stayed there but with my ambition and all, i worked twice what a colleague in the same department would do.
God is good, there were many internal job opportunities and i applied as anyone with my achievements would do. I did the interview, i was good, i mean really good plus my targets were the best. A colleague told me:” you know what don’t except that promotion, the employee X and the employee Y are best friend of your competitor, all the panel is on his side”
I told to my self, a foreign company like this has standards, they can’t do that, guess what, he got the job.
I was so shocked,yes to get into that company you have to get contact but not a goddamn promotion. You earn it stupid. Let me not swear.
I bit my tongue but the next contract, it was like prisonbreak. Living, breathing was same as searching a new job.
I got to see how people get hired and dont even know anything but comes as your boss, you train them then they treat you as shit. After your bachelor, anyone can pretty much work anywhere,you have to get one month training, There is no job you can’t do. From now on, i apply for hundred and one jobs, i wont lie to you, i think and pray twice before taking a job offer. Money will never be enough as the needs continues to increase but happiness and learning new things are priceless. Make the right decision early in your life time. We also contribute in shaping our lives.
I have to end this blog saying, dont get the smartest CV or cover letter etc, get contacts and pray, when God really gives a job, there is purpose.